[application] Software Note Desktop on Linux

Linux Users are unlucky when it comes to cool note taking applications. All the good ones like OneNote and Evernote are not supported natively on the Linux. I although managed to run Evernote with the help of Wine but it looks pretty ugly.

There is however no dearth when you want simple note-taking applications. There are scores of simple desktop applications for Linux. Some of the popular ones are:

TomBoy Notes is any easy solution if you want take some notes which you can retrieve later. The written text is save automatically. It lets you link other notes while you do get the option to change the style and font size of text.

KNotes is another note-taking application which comes by default with KDE. It is an utterly simple post-it-note kind of application but it does manage to squeeze in enough to suffice basic requirements. There are hardly any features but you can customize the Knotes by changing the color, setting an alarm, mailing the note etc.

Sticky Notes is one small software as some of you call to take notes. It is a similar to KNotes but the difference lies in the fact that it is made for GNOME while KNotes would work well on KDE. It is one nifty GNOME applet which comes pre-installed with Ubuntu. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t distract you sitting their on your desktop because it hides automatically when you click your mouse away on the desktop.

Zim was designed to replicate the wiki structure on to your computers and not internet. Zim is relatively a better note-taking application merely because the notes are saved in text files in directories and sub directories which means you can still access it even if application fails to start for whatever reason. Zim can be used for writing blog entries as well and you may even insert images in it while you may also link to other notes which are opened in new tabs. There are few plugins for Zim like Spell Check and Equation Editor. The notes can easily be exported to HTML and published on the web.

Basket Notepads is perhaps the best alternative for Microsoft OneNote and Evernote in Linux. It is feature rich and lot more powerful than the ones mentioned above. It is not just about taking notes because you may even do research and prepare for some blog with it. The features of Basket are aplenty as it allows tags, custom tags, global shortcuts, export to HTML etc. You may even import files from KNotes, KJots, KnowIt, TuxCards, Sticky Notes, Tomboy or simple text files so that would make for quick transition as well. Basket has turned out to be the best note-taking application for me and it does manage to make you forget about the non-availability of OneNote on Linux.

Credit: here!

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