[trick] Membuat Slide Show Fade in dan Fade Out dengan Javascript dan css

-webkit-transition:opacity 1.0s linear 0s;
transition:opacity 1.0s linear 0s;


var ss_i = 0;
var ss_array = ['1.jpg','2.jpg','3.jpg','4.jpg'];

function ssNext(){

ss_element.style.opacity = 0;
if(ss_i > (ss_array.length - 2)){
ss_i = 0;
ss_element.innerHTML = '<img src="'+ss_array[ss_i]+'" width=100>';

function ssSlide(){
ss_element.innerHTML = '<img src="'+ss_array[ss_i]+'" width=100>';
ss_element.style.opacity = 1;

<div id="ss"></div>
<script>var ss_element = document.getElementById("ss"); ssSlide(); </script>

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